Friday, August 20, 2010

trip # 11 The Massasauga Provincial Park, Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(Compare this map to maps from trips #5 and #6 of this year).

This time we left the house earlier and were on the water at 11:00. On our way to the Woods Bay (Moon Marina) we took Spadina< Lake Shore Blv, Parkside, Weston Rd, Black Creek, hwy 400 North, hwy 69 (exit 189 from 400), Muskoka Rd 11, Healey Lake Rd. We visited shortly Pete's Place Access Point to the Park to buy new map of the park with the camp sites and to learn that they still cannot provide parking for the day users (mentioned some kind of contract between Park and marinas).

From the Moon Marina ($8:00 for one day parking) we navigate to the Eastern entrance of the Captain Allan's Strait and along it to the Western shore of the Moon Island. Then NW along the shore and between small private islands to the seclude inlets with the sites 307 to 313. We checked 307 and camped on 309. 308 slightly to North was occupied.

Spent wonderful time swimming and fishing (me) and answering phone calls and sleeping (Irina). Plus prepared dinner (minestrone soup and tea).

At 6:00 PM we left for way back. Thought to try the sail, but wind died fully and sail was broken again (it's second time! and I decided to return it forever and forget about this sail). It bekame a tradition already to swim in the Captain Allan's strait (at site 403) on our way back.

10 past 8:00 we landed at the Moon Marina and at 8:40 left for home.
Were at home on Front St. at about 11:30 PM.

Very nice day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

trip # 10 Beausoleil Island again, Tuesday, August 09, 2010

After a long delay due to our moving to the new place in downtown Toronto we finally escape to the Georgian Bay again. Longer trip time from downtown forced us to choose closer destination and we drove to the Beausoleil Island (Exit 156 from hwy 400 and then 32 km on the hwy 5 to the Honey Harbor).
The same pier in downtown Honey Harbor near the Church and Library, the same parking at Joe's backyard for $10 per day. Bought a snake at the local store and leave the marina at 2:10 PM. "Better later than never."

Went through Big Dog Channel and then turn right (North) along the shore of the Beausoleil Island.  Made two stops: first one very short - to swim, and the second one - in a small bay with the fire and snorkeling.

Кипяток для мису-супа и другая кастрюлька - для чая.

Опытный загребной Ирина Фурсенко. Техника гребка очень напоминает движения известной загребной Галины Н из Сиэттла.

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