Thursday, May 22, 2014

#2. May 19, 2014 - Long Lake to Buzzard Lake and back - solo on the new SeaEagle inflatable kayak.

At first almost 3 hours driving from our home in Caledon to Long lake Road on hwy 28 North. This time on Corolla. Around 10:00 AM I left from the launchpad at the East end of the Long lake and paddled slowly (trying to catch some fish) toward the portage on the South border of the Long lake about 4.5 km from the beginning.

My route as it is seen in Runkeeper. Red sign - beginning of a 340 m portage to Buzzard lake (Southward)
Portage is well designated and the path is wide and mostly dry and solid. I made two trips: first brought the kayak and then all my gear in 90 l duffy bag, small backpack with provision and some small thins in hands: frog-pump, fishing rods and paddles. All the procedure took less than 1 hour. And I was again on the water, this time on Buzzard lake.
At the beginning of the portage on Long lake

Very beginning of the path to Buzzard.

My gear

Buzzard lake from the site 425.

On the backcountry site 425 on the Buzzard lake.
Cliffs on the Long lake, when going home to the East.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

#1. May 12, 2014 - Crab Lake as usually - 2014 Season Opening with Ivan.

This spring is cold and slow This year. But we were unable to stay home for so long. Classic 1 day route on the Crab Lake in Kawarthas Highland Park was excellent as usually. Rock bass caught lazy and was released immediately.
Departure from Caledon - 6:45 AM, Arrival to Crab Lake - 9:50 AM, on the water - at 10.15 AM
Lunch at the sight 310 - at around 3:00 PM
Back at the launch sight - at 7:00 PM
Departure - at 7:30 PM
Arrival at home - 10:40 PM
Rock Bass

Portage between Wolf and Crab Lake.

View from the site 310

View from the site 310 to the portage