Monday, May 31, 2010

trip # 6 Overnight stay on the Wreck Island, Sunday May 30 - Monday May 31, 2010

My goal was as always - to reach the destination not reached previous time. Now it was Wreck Island in Massasauga Provincial Park (see trip #5 and the map with campsite descriptions). I decided to go overnight on Sunday to Monday to avoid the weekend traffic on 400 and to have a better choice of campsites.
Knowing that I'm not obliged to drive back tonight I was more relaxed when packing in the morning and left at 8:05 instead of 7:00. Highway 400 Northbound was not crowded and it takes me less than 2 hours to come to Pete's place Access Point in Massasauga Provincial Park.
The full time schedule of this trip is presented at the Russian version of this site.
The office was closed and I began the self-registration procedure. When I was almost ready, the officer came in and we switched to the regular procedure which I like more. Especially because we could discuss sites advantages and weather (wind first of all) forecast. As a result I choose site 336 on the Sharpe Island with the opportunity to switch to # 325 on Wreck Island if such will be my desire and it will be unoccupied. I paid $11.00 in cash (1 night for 1 person), received green sheet for the car parking and pink one for site occupation and dove to the launch point.
It takes me another 30 min to inflate the kayak and put everything inside.

11:05 AM I started setting my course to the first strait connecting Blackstone Harbor to the Woods Bay. In less than 20 min I was there and crossed the Woods Bay to the Captain Allen Strait.
(See map of the trip #5).
At 12:00 I made a stop at the site # 304 on the North bank of the Captain Allen Strait not far from where it flows into the Moon Bay (it's the point where map begins).
12:20 PM I headed toward the Sharpe Island. On my left were long island where we turned back last time with Ivan and then horseshoe shaped Pleasant Island.
#325 site inlet on the Wreck Island.Rocks are really impressive!

Inland part of inlet and fireplace at #325.

My tent on the smaller spot but closer to the fireplace.

Just before departure from Wreck Island.

Fantastic beach on the Northwest shore of the Sharpe Island.

Launch site at Pete's Place Access Point. My gear and my kayak.

End of trip.

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  1. Hello,

    Seems we've visted the same places! I stayed on this campsite for a week or so, sharing the island with a black bear ( I think it was one of the best campsites in the park.