Thursday, July 14, 2011

trip # 3: Crab Lake with Ivan, overnight Monday July 11 - Tuesday July 12, 2011

Being last time on the Long Lake which belongs to the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park too we discovered that since this year one have to book campsite in advance and pay for staying there. So we did this for the Crab Lake and paid $33.00 ($11.75 per person per night plus processing/registration fee $9.50). Besides this substantial amount of money I encountered a number of  inconveniences: i) to book a site one have to make a long-distance call (there is no free number); ii) there is no campsite map anywhere on the Internet and it is difficult to choose the site you want (I try to correct this putting below a picture taken at the launch site on the Wolf Lake);  iii) campsite labels are old and small - site numbers cannot be read from the water; iv) at the launch site they provide you with the garbage bag, but there is no garbage can there and you have to drive with your garbage to the next rest area to throw it away. I'd like to see better service for my money. And from unknown reason they eliminated one of the best campsites on the small island at the south part of Crab Lake (just in front of site 313)...
Despite this negative remarks which I never would mention if it was free out trip was excellent as it always was on Crab Lake.

Site Map of the Crab Lake

Ready to go. At the launch site on the Wolf Lake

The famous Crab Lake bass 

The turtle's feeding at the camp site

Great Blue Heron lives here

And we're the guests

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  1. Q : How long is the paddle in through Wolf lake to Crab lake? Planning a family/group canoe trip and considering this area.