Thursday, August 25, 2011

trip # 5: Massasauga Provincial Park, Georgian Bay, Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally found a day to escape from the downtown Toronto and kayaking on the Georgian Bay. Exit 189 from hwy 400 to hwy 69, High St (Muskoka 11) through the town of MacTier then left onto Healey Lake Road to Woods Bay Marina. This portion of the route was reconstructed last year and now you have no troubles to drive to the Marina. Parked the car at the Marina parking lot and launched kayak at the public launch spot close to marina. It was really windy this day and despite our hope that wind is dying it's not. We crossed near 1 km of the open water from Marina to the entrance to the Captain Allan Channel and went along the Channel. Wind still was very fresh and always in opposit direction.
Reaching the Channel opening on its West side we tried to paddle further to the Northwest, but wind was even much stronger on this open water and vawes were one foot or more preventing us to move well. So we decided to turn back and camp somewhere in the Channel.

Thus we stayed at the site 408 in the Eastern part of the Channel.

Unfortunately no fish at all in the Channel though I put a worm for hundred of times in different places around the site.

Around 6 PM it felt like wind began to calm down and we went out toward the Marina. At the exit of the Channel we made a stop and swam in the calm water. Then back into kayak, crossed 800 m to the Marina, deflated kayak and at 8:00 PM start out home.

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