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Threenarrows Lake loop in Killarney Park: July 14-20, 2014 with Olga and Eugene


General view of our route: red - kayaking, blue - portaging, blue triangles - campsites.  We moved clockwise from George Lake to Freeland Lake, Killarney Lake, O.S.A. Lake, Muriel Lake, Artist Lake, Pig Portage, Threenarrows Lake, 3 km portage, Killarney Lake, Hiking to the "Crack", Freeland Lake, George Lake.
Day 1, Monday, July 14, 2014 (3 km waterway, site #6 on George Lake)
5.5 hours driving from Caledon (GTA) to the Killarney Outfitters on hwy 587. Paid for canoe rent, took the gear and went to the Office of The Killarney Provincial Park at the George Lake. Paid for the Park permit and parking the car and put our canoe and my inflatable Seaeagle 350 kayak into the water of George Lake. It was around 3:00 PM. Checked campsite # 4 on the North shore and decided to stay on the last campsite on the George Lake - #6 on the small cape close to the dumb dividing George and Freeland Lakes.

My Seaeagle350 inflatable kayak
Olga and Eugene in Ultra Lite Kevlar Canoe with kayak paddles

Our first campsite #6 on the George Lake, Aug 14 to Aug 15.
Our boss - Nachalnik!

Day 2, Tuesday, July 15, 2014 (12.2 km waterway + 1165 m * 3 = 3400 m portage, site #35 on the Muriel Lake)
Around 8:00 AM just after leaving our campsite, reached a small dumb dividing George and Freeland Lakes. "Symbolic" 45 m portage and we're in Freeland Lake - long straight reservoir covered with white water lilies.

At the East end of the Freeland Lake preparing to 410 m portage to the Killarney Lake.
At the East end of this lake there is first "serious" portage - 410 m long.  It turned to be an easy walk because no steep sections and no mud. This was the last portage when Olga walked twice. Later on the usual procedure was:  me and Eugene carried our boats first and Olga her backpack + paddle and/or fishing rods. Then Olga stayed on the shore and we brought our backpacks + food barrel (Eugene) and + second backpack (me). Thus it was still early in the morning, when we put the boats into Killarney Lake.

On the other side of the 410 m portage. We're on Killarney Lake now.
Narrows at the beginning of the Killarney Lake

NorthWest on the Killarney Lake toward the O.S.A.Lake

Eugene studied the map trying to find out where we were (O.S.A. Lake)
After a few short portages we came to O.S.A. Lake where one can see exact pictures of the Group of Seven "in vivo".

This was the only day of our trip when there were little bit rainy. And when we reached campsite # 35 on Muriel Lake it was a good time to dry our belongings at the "big fire".

Boris repairing fishing tackle and drying wet gear after light rain. 

Drying the shoes
At the site #35, far off on the right - site #34 (one can see canoe there)

Day 3, Wednesday, July 16, 2014 (14 km waterway + 2130*3=6390 m portage, site # 52 on the Threenarrows Lake)

This day was very important for us - it was a day of The Pig Portage - a 2 km long "the steepest and the muddiest" portage in Killarney. We left our campsite #35 on the Muriel Lake, portaged to the Artist Lake and began a long two-stage portage to the Threenarrows Lake.

This is very beginning of the 2 km Pig Portage

Day 4, Thursday, July 17, 2014 (8.4 km water way, site #39 on the Threenarrows Lake)

Lucky paddler

Narrows before coming to site #43
Swimming at the lunch stop near site #43
It's a Bonus!
Working with the map on the site #39

At the fire, site #39


Dead forest near the site # 39.

Day 5, Friday, July 18, 2014 (6.5 km water way, site #43 on the Threenarrows lake)

Go fishing, go!

Supper with fried fish
Picture taken before eating the fish

View from site # 43

Same view at sunset.
An evening mist is rising from the water.
It's living here...

Day 6, Saturday, July 19, 2014 (5.4 km waterway + 3500*3=10500 m portage + 2800*2=5600 m hiking, site #19).

At the beginning of the longest portage from Threenarrows to Killarney Lake

At the small lake before the 3 km portage.

Approaching to the second part of 3 km portage.

Beginning of a 3 km portage to the Killarney Lake

Noting the time - 3 km portage is ahead of us.
View from the site #19
Up to The "Crack"
Bilberries all around
View from The "Crack" on Killarney Lake and O.S.A. Lake (North view)

Cosy nook at the top of The "Crack". Georgian Bay is on the horizon.(West view) 
Back from The "Crack"

The team: Eugene, Olga, Boris (at the last site #19 after climbing onto The "Crack"

Day 7, Sunday, July 20, 2014 (7.5 km water way + 455*3= 1365 m portage)

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