Saturday, June 18, 2016

Solo Reconnaissance Trip on The Georgian Bay in Massassauga Provincial Park, one day - June 15, 2016

It takes me 2 hours to drive from my home in Caledon to the Moon River Marina on Woods Bay. I parked there for $10 and launched my inflatable kayak from the public place. My goal was to check the campsites 217 to 221 for future longer trips. Below is the Map with my route.

There and back I followed same route. I reached  site #220, but it was occupied and I returned to 221 and stayed there for the lunch.
 Total distance estimated by the map and time was near 20 km. I started from Marina at 10:00 and was at the site 220 at 2:00 PM. Started from #221 at 5:00 PM and at 700 was back at Marina. So I checked sites 221, 217, 219, and 220. I think 217 and 220 are most attractive, especially 220, which is in a small secluded inlet. I didn't reach #218 which seems very attractive too from the description.

Site 221, where I had a lunch.

View from site #221 to the South.

View from site #221 to the North.

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