Saturday, June 29, 2013

trip #3: Bass fishing season opening on the Crab Lake in Kawartas with Ivan Thursday-Friday, June 20-21, 2013...

It's our tradition already to open Bass fishing season on the Crab Lake. This year they shifted opening date to third Saturday of June (from fourth) and due to the fact that June 1st was Saturday it became TWO weeks earlier than usually. To avoid weekend crowds we went on Thursday, June 20. Even so all the campsites but two were booked already and our preferred #313 too. So this time we stayed on the #316 in the furthest Eastern inlet and found it quite satisfactory. Due to using my cell phone GPS + RunKeeper software we tracked our route and know for sure now that the distance is 6 km (including 107 m portage between Wolf and Crab lakes). 

At the launch  place at the Wolf Lake. 

It's exactly the same perch as I used to catch in Belorussia in my childhood. Such a nostalgia!

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